‘Individuell’ a New work for Bavarian Junior Ballet Munich

A piece about interdependence for nine dancers.



Johannes Passion

I will be directing a new staging of Johannes Passion that will be performed in March at De Ij-Salon, Muziekgebouw aan t’ij. More info soon!


De Dans Ontsprongen

Remembrance Day (Dodenherdenking), May 4th at 9 pm, theatre makers and artists throughout the Netherlands are committed to creating awareness and to remember and reflect on the soldiers and civilians who died during during World War II. During the tenth edition of Theater Na de Dam, more than a hundred performances will be played simultaneously, each relating in their own way to World War II.

Alongside an amazing team of artists I will be creating an evening theatre piece inspired by the story of holocaust survivor, Edith Eger, the ‘ballerina of Auschwitz’, who as sixteen year old had to dance for the ‘angel of death’ Josef Mengele. This performance explores the relationship between perpetrator and victim, bringing their stories into the present- lest we forget.