De Dans ontsprongen

“Intense beauty and shivers in perfect balance”- Theaterkrant

Photograph: ©Altin Kaftira

Photograph: ©Altin Kaftira

Alongside a thought provoking team of artists I created an evening theatre piece based on the story of holocaust survivor, Edith Eger, the ‘ballerina of Auschwitz’, who as a sixteen year old had to dance for the ‘Angel of Death’ Josef Mengele. This performance explores the relationship between perpetrator and victim, bringing their stories into the present- lest we forget.

Text and direction: Gerardjan Rijnders

Co-direction & Choreography: Peter Leung

Music direction: Wim Selles

Performers: Igone de Jongh & Pierre Bokma

Musicians: Trio Bruinsma.Baas.Verhage / Geneviève Verhage - cello, Jeffrey Bruinsma - violin, Reinier Baas - guitar.

Assistant direction and based on an idea by Jolanda van den Berg

Dramaturgy: Jaïr Stranders & Bo Tarenskeen

Productie: Inger Stam en Karsten Stouten

Rehearsal image by Altin Kaftira

Rehearsal image by Altin Kaftira