"A Key Moment In Dance History" Het Volkskrant

A "Wonder Of Classical Art And Modern Technology" NRC

"As you explore the fantastical piece, you feel completely transported". Dance Spirit

Night Fall

A Virtual Reality dance fIlm for Dutch National Ballet

'Night Fall' was commissioned by Dutch National Ballet, the piece is very much inspired by the white acts from classical ballets. It's a short VR film that shows a world that embodies some of the ideas of classical ballet, but with a bit of a modern twist. The idea was to reach a large audience and to bring something to existing ballet fans as well as people who have maybe never come into contact with ballet before. 

Concept & choreography - Peter Leung
Director - Jip Samhoud
Creative director - Marijn Korver
Muziek - Robin Rimbaud - Scanner
Violinist - Pieter van Loenen
Assistent choreographer - Angela Agresti

Principal Dancers - Anna Tsygankova & Artur Shesterikov

Corps de ballet -

Nancy Burer, Lisanne Kottenhagen, Priscylla Gallo, Clara Superfine,

Melissa Chapski, Emilie Tassinari, Hannah Williams, Belle Beasley