"A Key Moment In Dance History" Het Volkskrant

A "Wonder Of Classical Art And Modern Technology" NRC

"As you explore the fantastical piece, you feel completely transported". Dance Spirit

Night Fall

A Virtual Reality dance fIlm for Dutch National Ballet

'Night Fall' was commissioned by Dutch National Ballet with an aim to bring classical ballet via new mediums to a wide audience ranging from existing ballet fans to people who have never had a chance to come into contact with clasical ballet. The piece is inspired by the white acts from classical ballets such as Swan Lake, Giselle or Les Sylphides.

Night Fall is the first ballet to be created specifically for virtual reality.

Concept & choreography - Peter Leung
Director - Jip Samhoud
Creative director - Marijn Korver
Muziek - Robin Rimbaud - Scanner
Violinist - Pieter van Loenen
Assistant choreographer - Angela Agresti
Idea initiated by Harm-Jan Keizer for Het Nationale Ballet
Principal Dancers - Anna Tsygankova & Artur Shesterikov

Corps de ballet - Nancy Burer, Lisanne Kottenhagen, Priscylla Gallo, Clara Superfine, Melissa Chapski, Emilie Tassinari, Hannah Williams, Belle Beasley